January 20th, 2022
 AEW Results:Janaury 19th,2022 
AEW Results:Janaury 19th,2022

The show opens up with Jim Ross saying his “It’s Wednesday night” catchphrase. The camera pans the crowd briefly and then we hear the familiar sounds of Jon Moxley’s theme song.
The former AEW World Champion makes his way to the ring to the familiar “JONNNNNN MOXLEY!” intro by “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts. Eddie Kingston makes his way out behind Mox as the fans soak in the return of the “Purveyor of Violence” as “Wild Thing” plays over the house speakers.

Mox begins by yelling at a cat-caller in the crowd by saying “f*ck off” and then telling security to “get that piece of sh*t” out of here. He then begins by talking about landing on an airplane in a city that he doesn’t even know and waking up from a dream.

He continues telling the story, getting emotional as he talks about how no one goes through life unscathed. He says he’s got scars all over his body but those are important, the ones that are come from inside. You can’t see them, but those are the ones you should be proud of. The fans give him an applause-break.

As he continues, he says everyone shouldn’t be ashamed of those scars, they should bare it all and let the world know, “This is me!” He then says he’s sure there are plenty of people who write him off and doubt him. He says if you want to doubt him, he’ll tell you the same thing he told the demon in his dream — “you can take all that sh*t and shove it up your ass!” He says he doesn’t run from these demons, he just “beats the sh*t out of them.” He thanks everyone who has believed in him and then says to get ready for a ride in 2022 because he’s gonna grab the world of wrestling by the balls and take whatever he wants. He says now more than ever he is truly free. The crowd wildly cheers again and breaks out into a chant of his name. He says he’s thirsty and all he drinks is blood. He says he’s more dangerous now than he was before. He drops the mic and walks off through the crowd to “Wild Thing” the same way he entered.
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