2022/01/23   AEW Rampage Results:Janaury 21st,2022

From there, we are told that a man returning to the ring will be kicking things off this evening. “Wild Thing” plays and out comes Jon Moxley with his custom ring entrance. He tosses a steel chair into the ring as he approaches the ringside area.

He settles in the ring and his music dies down. After that, the theme hits to bring out The Men of the Year. Scorpio Sky accompanies “All Ego” Ethan Page out to the ring, but stops and after wishing him good luck, he heads to the back while Page heads to the ring.

Once in the ring, he poses for the fans who boo him and then the bell sounds. The two circle and lock up and then Mox backs him into a corner. Page shoves him down to escape and the fans boo as he throws up the arrogant double biceps pose.

We see the two trade chops and then Mox takes over, chopping the hell out of Page. He follows that up with a running back elbow. He gets Page in the corner and bites away at his head, which brings the crowd to its’ feet.

Mox charges to splash onto Page in the corner, but runs into a big boot. Page then puts said-boots to him and shoulder tackles him through the ropes and out to the floor. He gives the fans another cocky double biceps pose. They boo him as he exits the ring to follow-up on Mox.

When the two go at it on the floor at ringside, Mox shifts the momentum back in his favor and then rams Page into the steel guard rail. He rolls Page back into the ring and stops to acknowledge the cheers from the fans. This backfires on him, as Page catches him coming through the ropes and begins going to work on him.

As both settle into the ring, Page begins to take back over, settling into the offensive lead. He works over Mox with big right hands as he’s laid out across the ropes. Mox turns the tables again and shoulder-rams Page in the corner a few times. He whips him across the ring and looks to do the same, but again Page reverses the momentum as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the break and the first thing we see is Mox in the air with Page looking to hit the Ego’s Edge. Instead, Mox escapes and takes back over on offense. He hits two big back suplex throws, bouncing Page off his head twice in a row. He goes for a third and Page tries to fight it off initially, but ultimately Mox hits it. He follows up with a big clothesline in the corner but misses the King Kong lariat follow-up.

Page starts to fire shot-for-shot with Mox. It goes well for him at first, and then the two start trading legit slaps to the face back-and-forth. This lasts longer than you’d expect, but eventually Mox takes the offensive lead. He hits a big lariat, the same one that he missed earlier. The fans chant his name as Mox hoists Page up for the Paradigm Shift. Page avoids it and connects with a roundhouse kick of his own. He follows that up with a brainbuster for a close near fall.

The action continues and then Mox ends up connecting with a wild elbow-tope suicida on the floor. He rolls Page back in the ring and climbs to the top rope. Page blasts him with a shot and climbs up after him. He hoists Mox over his shoulder and leaps off the middle rope with a big avalanche power slam. He’s slow to make it over for the cover, so Mox counters and rolls Page up. He doesn’t get the pin but begins elbowing the hell out of him.

He locks in the bulldog choke and Page taps out. Mox wins in his comeback match to kick off tonight’s Rampage. After the match he celebrates and as Page gets up, Mox fires a boot in his direction and then hits him with another finishing move before exiting the ring and heading to the back.

Winner: Jon Moxley
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  2022/01/20   AEW Results:Janaury 19th,2022

The show opens up with Jim Ross saying his “It’s Wednesday night” catchphrase. The camera pans the crowd briefly and then we hear the familiar sounds of Jon Moxley’s theme song.
The former AEW World Champion makes his way to the ring to the familiar “JONNNNNN MOXLEY!” intro by “The Dapper Yapper” Justin Roberts. Eddie Kingston makes his way out behind Mox as the fans soak in the return of the “Purveyor of Violence” as “Wild Thing” plays over the house speakers.

Mox begins by yelling at a cat-caller in the crowd by saying “f*ck off” and then telling security to “get that piece of sh*t” out of here. He then begins by talking about landing on an airplane in a city that he doesn’t even know and waking up from a dream.

He continues telling the story, getting emotional as he talks about how no one goes through life unscathed. He says he’s got scars all over his body but those are important, the ones that are come from inside. You can’t see them, but those are the ones you should be proud of. The fans give him an applause-break.

As he continues, he says everyone shouldn’t be ashamed of those scars, they should bare it all and let the world know, “This is me!” He then says he’s sure there are plenty of people who write him off and doubt him. He says if you want to doubt him, he’ll tell you the same thing he told the demon in his dream — “you can take all that sh*t and shove it up your ass!” He says he doesn’t run from these demons, he just “beats the sh*t out of them.” He thanks everyone who has believed in him and then says to get ready for a ride in 2022 because he’s gonna grab the world of wrestling by the balls and take whatever he wants. He says now more than ever he is truly free. The crowd wildly cheers again and breaks out into a chant of his name. He says he’s thirsty and all he drinks is blood. He says he’s more dangerous now than he was before. He drops the mic and walks off through the crowd to “Wild Thing” the same way he entered.
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  2021/09/09   AEW Dynamite Results:September 8th,2021

Now “Wild Thing” plays as the hometown man himself, Jon Moxley, makes his trademark ring entrance through the crowd inside the Fifth Third Arena.

With both guys in the ring, the bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our final match of the evening here on the Fallout from All Out on AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Things get off to a hot start with these two going right at it to the delight of the Cincinnati crowd. We see some back-and-forth action and just as things start to settle in a bit, we head to a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break.

We’re back from the break and we see both guys exchanging headbutts back-and-forth, over-and-over-and-over again until they both slump down to the canvas and the crowd roars with approval. From their knees, they start trading shots with forearms and punches. This is essentially how the match started with their interaction at All Out and the early goings tonight.

Mox goes for a lariat but Suzuki avoids it with a waist lock. Suzuki slaps the sleeper on Mox but Mox escapes. He goes for the package pile driver but Mox avoids it. Mox hits a Paradigm Shift and we see Suzuki badly bleeding from his eye. Mox looks shocked when he goes to pin Suzuki and he hangs on.

When Suzuki gets back to his feet, Mox runs the ropes and hits the bloody Japanese legend with repeated lariats. Suzuki stays on his feet and ends up decking Mox with a drop kick. He goes for the sleeper again but Mox escapes again and starts drilling the bloody Japanese legend with big punches. He hooks Suzuki’s arms and hits him with another Paradigm Shift for the pin fall victory. After an extended exit through the crowd in his hometown, Mox’s victory celebration takes us off the air.

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  2021/05/07   AEW Dynamite Results:May 5th,2021

MT Nakazawa and Don Callis made their way to the ring to kick off the show, the latter claiming Kenny Omega was not able to compete tonight and therefore Nakazawa would compete on his own.

As Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston made their way to the ring for the advertised tag team match, Omega attacked the babyfaces. A brief onslaught by the heels on Kingston came to a sudden end as Moxley entered the ring and teed off on the opposition.

The fight spilled to the floor, where Moxley pounded away at Omega and Kingston unloaded on Nakazawa. Back in the ring, Nakazawa choked away at Kingston while Omega joined in from the ring apron.

The heels worked over Kingston, cutting him off from his partner until a knife-edge chop from the AEW world champion seemingly woke him up. Kingston threw chops back at Omega until an enzuigiri halted his momentum.

Kingston made the tag to Moxley, who exploded into the match and took the fight to Nakazawa. Mox punished him, dropping him with a piledriver. Omega broke up the pin, but the babyfaces forced him to the floor. Mox applied the rear-naked choke to Nakazawa while Kingston dared Omega to get back in the ring.

The world champ walked out on his friend, leaving Moxley and Omega to deliver a half-and-half finisher for the win.

After the match, The Young Bucks appeared and provided a distraction that allowed The Good Brothers to attack. The heels beat the victors down, leaving them lying in time for Omega to saunter his way to the ring. The champion delivered the One-Winged Angel to Kingston and pinned him while one of his cohorts mockingly counted to three.

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  2021/03/08   AEW Revlution Results:March 7th,2021

After a catastrophic, borderline preposterous exploding barbed wire deathmatch, Kenny Omega pinned Jon Moxley to retain the AEW Championship. He did so with the help of The Good Brothers, as well as an exploding baseball bat.

Both Omega and Moxley wrestled in jeans and sleeveless T-shirts. Moxley took a shot of whiskey before the bell rang, a nice touch. There are ropes on only one side of the ring: the rest were barbed wire. Tables wrapped in more wire were kept at two corners. Explosives are tied to the barbed wire, so collisions mean explosions. Both began the match by working around avoiding the wire at any cost.

It was explained that the entire ring would go off with explosives after 30 minutes, so a winner was needed by then.

The first “explosion” came when Omega blinded Moxley by throwing powdered chalk at his face then running him into the barbed-wire ropes. The “explosion” was really pyro blasting in the direction away from the ring, so it’s not as gnarly as it sounds. Wouldn’t exactly call it “safe” though.

Omega would get his, with Moxley eventually throwing him chest-first into the barbed-wire ropes for an explsion — and then shotgun drop kicking him in for another round. Amid the chaos we got some very strong wrestling, with Omega countering a barbed-wire-explosion attempt with a dragon suplex. Moxley recovered but was caught with a V-Trigger. But as the wrestling got exciting, the barbed wire came back into the equation.

Omega tackled Moxley into the ropes, causing an explosion, but something got caught in his eye in the process. The ref poured water over his eyes, and he rolled to the apron to recover. Moxley followed, and hit a Deathrider DDT off the apron onto more exploding barbed wire. As they got back into the ring, music started playing denoting there being 10 minutes remainin until explosion time.

After some more actual wrestling, Omega hit a One Winged Angel. Moxley got out of the pin not by kicking out, but by kicking nearby barbed wire to cause an explosion. The Good Brothers then interefered, but Moxley faught them off. Distracted, Omega then hit him with an exploding barbed-wire bat — for a two count.

Omega and the Good Brothers setup a chair, which Omega crashed Moxley through with a One Winged Angel for the win.

Omega and The Good Brothers continued beating on Mox after the match. They handcuffed him and knocked him out. The clock kept running down, with a timer coming up with one minute left. The trio then sped out of the ring, leaving Moxley literally to die. None other than Eddie Kingston came to try and save Moxley, but couldn’t lift him out of the ring or wake him up. Instead, Kingston covered Moxley’s body to save him.

Then, a catastrophic botch. The “explosions” went off, but it was little more than some benign looking pyro. Less pyro than you’d see during a big entrance. Moxley and Kingston they acted like they were passed out from the damage. Very unfortunate ending to an otherwise strong pay-per-view.

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  2021/02/27   NJPW Results:February 26th,2021

Forearm Exchange. Kenta with a Running Boot. Moxley drops Kenta with a shoulder tackle. Moxley unloads three knife edge chops. Following a snap mare takeover, Moxley with a Sliding Lariat for a one count. Moxley applies The Bulldog Choke. Kenta scrambles to the bottom rope which forces the break. Kenta slams Moxley’s head on the top rope. Moxley knocks Kenta off the ring apron. Moxley and Kenta are trading back and forth shots on the outside. Kenta with a Vertical Suplex on the floor. Kenta grabs the red briefcase. Moxley kicks Kenta in the gut. Kenta denies The PileDriver. Kenta drops Moxley with a DDT on the briefcase. Kenta rolls Moxley back into the ring. Kenta hooks the outside leg for a one count. Kenta repeatedly kicks Moxley in the back. Kenta is choking Moxley with his boot. Kenta with a NeckBreaker for a two count.

Kenta toys around with Moxley. Moxley with forearm shivers. Kenta with a drop toe hold. Kenta drives his elbow into Moxley’s back. Kenta is raining down haymakers. Kenta with two knee drops. Kenta with a back heel kick. Kenta taunts Moxley. Kenta repeatedly kicks Moxley in the face. Kenta unloads a series of mid-kicks. Moxley blocks a boot from Kenta. Second Forearm Exchange. Kenta slaps Moxley in the face. Kenta ducks a clothesline from Moxley. Kenta goes for The GTS, but Moxley lands back on his feet. Moxley dumps Kenta out of the ring. Moxley lands The Suicide Dive. Moxley HeadButts Kenta. Moxley with a Flying Knee Strike off the stage. Moxley pulls out a table from under the ring. Kenta clocks Moxley with the US Title. Kenta is raining down haymakers. Kenta with The Flying Elbow Drop through the table. Moxley gets back in the ring at the count of nineteen.

Kenta with The Flying Boot. Kenta delivers The Shibata Dropkick. Kenta follows that with The Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Moxley denies The GTS. Kenta with clubbing palm strikes. Moxley answers with a Release German Suplex. Moxley with a Running Lariat for a two count. Moxley transitions into a ground and pound attack. Kenta applies Game Over. Moxley responds with The Bulldog Choke. Kenta transitions back into Game Over. Moxley grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Kenta kicks Moxley in the chest. Kenta with a Running Knee Strike. Moxley drops Kenta with a Lariat. Moxley goes for The Death Rider, but Kenta lands back on his feet. Moxley negates The GTS. Kenta delivers his combination offense. Moxley connects with The Death Rider for a two count. Moxley talks smack to Kenta. Kenta tells Moxley to bring it. Kenta slaps Moxley in the face. Moxley kicks Kenta in the gut. Moxley plants Kenta with The Death Rider to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley via Pinfall

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  2021/02/26   AEW Results:February 24th,2021

Ahead of his Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch against Kenny Omega at Revolution, Jon Moxley kicked off Wednesday’s show with a match against “The Hollywood Hunk” Ryan Nemeth.

A brutal knife’s edge chop, joint manipulation and a picture-perfect Paradigm Shift earned Moxley the quick win.

After the match, Mox addressed the AEW fans, asking them what images come to mind when they think of “Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch.” He referred to himself as an addict, almost seething as he said battling and living close to the flame is a feeling he cannot get enough of.

“It’s too attractive. It pulls me in. I can’t resist it,” he said, even if it is a trap by Omega and his boys. “You will know, when it’s all said and done, I gave you everything I had,” he said in reference to those who have been behind him from the start.

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